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100% bioavailability

IV Drip bypasses the gut and liver, meaning it doesn’t depend on your gut’s absorption rate or the liver’s metabolism to get into the bloodstream. This means the nutrients are absorbed immediately for your body to use. Not to mention, you’re hydrating your body and boosting your electrolyte levels at the same time.

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Rest & recovery

Regular travel, intensive workouts and late nights can lead to high stress, muscle soreness, and poor sleep.

This is the antidote to your hectic lifestyle, helping you relax and bounce back quicker so you can bring your a-game to work and play

Immunity Boost

Prevent or shorten the length of a cold by keeping your immune defences strong with high dose vitamin c to boost resilience to infection or improve faster
recovery from illness.

Skin Glow

Say hello to brighter and healthier looking skin and a boost in energy levels. Our super hero antioxidant, Glutathione can also help prevent cell damage, remove harmful toxins from the body, and contribute to improved liver function

Metabolism Boost

Kickstart the fat burn and accelerate your metabolism. This IV uses 8 powerful amino acids to help you release your fat stores to facilitate fat loss and power your energy levels


Whether you are generally healthy but in need of a boost, either to your immune system or energy levels, or you are searching for complementary therapy, then the Myers Cocktail could be the solution.

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  • What Is IV Therapy?

    Intravenous Therapy (IV Therapy or IV Drip) simply means administering into the veins and intravenous nutrient therapy refers to the delivery of nutrients directly into the bloodstream via the vein.

    When compared to oral supplements, this method of treatment allows 100% absorption of nutrients and higher levels in your bloodstream can lead to greater uptake into cells.

    Oral supplements get broken down in the stomach and digestive tract, which drastically lowers the absorption rates and several factors can affect our body’s ability to actually absorb the nutrients in the stomach such age, metabolism, health status, or lifestyle habits.

  • What Are The Benefits Of IV Therapy?

    By delivering the nutrients straight into your blood, we bypass the gut, and ensure that these nutrients are directly available to your cells. The result is an immediate shift in psychological and mental wellbeing.

  • Are IV Infusions Safe?

    HUM2N IV infusions consist of essential nutrients that are natural. Our formulas have been developed by qualified medical experts. All infusions have been carefully calculated using medical dosages that are approved by the local authorities (DHA, HAAD, and England's CQC).

  • Does IV Therapy Work?

    Yes. When our bodies suffer from vitamin deficiencies, we often resort to supplementation to compensate.

    Unfortunately, the human body only absorbs 10 - 30% of the vitamins and nutrients contained in oral supplementation, hence making IV vitamin therapy more effective as it goes directly into the bloodstream with 100% absorption rates compared to supplements or directly from food sources.

  • How Long Does It Take To Feel A Difference With IV Therapy?

    Results vary with from individual to individual. Most tend to feel effects during the infusion while others feel various effects directly after or the following day.

    The most common feedback we receive from our members include

    - Feeling more energetic, better performance in the gym|
    - Feel more zen and relaxed
    - Enjoy undisturbed deep sleep,
    - Experience refreshed and hydrated skin

  • What Is The Process Of Getting An IV Drip At HUM2N?

    You will start with a health consultation with one of our health experts.

    A consultation with our registered practitioners is mandatory, even if you have previously had an IV infusion before. This is to ensure we are up to date with your medical history, any recent lifestyle changes, and understand concerns that you may have.

    After a consultation takes place, a registered health expert will administer the prescribed tailored IV infusion. The IV infusion will consist of a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids delivered directly into the bloodstream which allows for a higher level of absorption than through the digestive system.

  • How Long Does The IV Treatment Take?

    The IV infusions takes an average of 45 minutes but for new clients, we advise 1 hour 15 minutes as a consultation must take place and the “drip” is administered at a slower rate to ensure safety and comfort.