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Every day, trillions of your cells work together to make you the unique human that you are.

We reject traditional medicine’s definition of health as “the absence of disease”. Instead, we’re driven to uncover the root cause of any issue, and resolve, prevent, and optimise your health to reach your true potential.

Our unique approach views the magnificent and complex human body as a set of interrelated systems and processes. Together they drive the 14 outputs of health: digestion, energy, fertility, libido, mood, stress, sleep, cognition, immunity, performance, inflammation, skin and hair, and body composition.

We use the world’s most scientifically-advanced testing to truly understand your biology and health profile. By removing the guesswork, we can create a personalised programme to take control of your health and evolve into the HUM2N you were born to be.

This is radical transformation.

"By treating each person as unique as they are we can enable living by engineering vitality" DR. E - FOUNDER @ HUM2N


Dr Enayat (dubbed Dr E) is a London trained GP, a TEDx speaker, and the rockstar visionary behind HUM2N.

Having begun his career as a GP, Dr E’s extensive training has taken him from South Africa to San Diego, where his work in the stem cell industry reframed his lens on the innate potential within us to self regenerate. He established his reputation as one of the bright stars of medicine, by being awarded the Darzi Fellowship for Clinical Leadership.

Fascinated by applying the scientific advancements in aging, he has created a health system that is approaching the algorithm of aging, and adopting a data driven approach to decoding being superhuman. Layered with his expertise in preventative and functional medicine, Dr E has created the tomorrow land of health.

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At HUM2N, you’ll be supported by your own team of world-class experts – think of us as your futuristic formula 1 human pit stop team, built around you. You have internal medicine physicians, nutritionists, herbalists, a dedicated health concierge, as well as mind coaches, sports psychologists and breathwork specialists on your side.

Knowledgeable individually, collectively unparalleled. Working with you, for you; towards your goals.