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Supercharged fuel for your cells


Crystal clear thinking1, Faster healing2,3. Our custom built hyperbaric oxygen chamber supercharges your cells4 with pure oxygen, and is scientifically proven to reverse aging5.

Oxygen is the most important survival nutrient. Our atmosphere contains 21% oxygen, but when you step into our chamber, you’ll breathe pure oxygen. As the chamber pressurises, high quality oxygen is driven into your blood which can improve the growth of new blood vessels6,7,8, help fight infections9,10, and reach tissues where the circulation is diminished or blocked11,12

In short: trillions of your cells will be supercharged with cleaner fuel, driving hyper-efficient cellular processes from self repair to regeneration.

SPECIAL OFFER - 5 DAY PASS HyperBaric Oxygen Chamber sessions!


• Increases mitochondrial function
• Kills bacteria, viruses & pathogens 
• Boosts mental clarity & memory
• Speeds cell growth & tissue repair
• Enhances musculoskeletal healing 
• Promotes new blood vessel formation 
• Reduces inflammation and pain 


• Athletes looking for an edge
• Those healing from surgery / injury 
• High performers who need mental clarity 
• Those suffering from jet lag or illness
• Anyone who wants to live stronger for longer

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Ultimate cold experience to fuel your inner fire


Faster metabolism1,2. Light speed recovery3,4. Reduced aches and pain5,6,7. First, we use the theragun to prepare your body for maximal muscular skeletal benefit8.

Next, you step into the world’s coldest state-of-the-art chamber, and experience an ice cold mist swirling around you at a maximum of -140°C, which hacks your body into stimulating its flight or fight response. This sets your metabolism racing, re-oxygenates your blood, and triggers a host of anti-inflammatory9,10 and pain-relieving benefits11, and self regenerative pathways12.

Finally, we use Red Light Therapy to bring the skin temperature back quicker, and enhance the vasodilatory effect.


£150 for two


• Improves muscular recovery 
• Reduction in inflammation and pain signaling pathways
• Alleviates depression and anxiety
• Counteracts jet lag
• Boosts cognition and creativity 
• Enhances fat loss and muscle retention and development
• Decreases stress-related cortisol
• Increases growth hormone and testosterone levels
• Enhance self regenerative capacity

• Those healing from surgery or injury 
• Athletes and gym addicts looking for faster recovery
• Anyone looking to lose body fat or optimise body composition
• Those seeking a mental and physical pick-me-up
• High performers & frequent travellers

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Micro dose NAD

Micro dose NAD

The Anti-Aging Molecule


Infusing your body with NAD+ via IV therapy is the only way to ensure that you get 100% bioavailability from the molecule. This means that your body will absorb the highest possible supplemental coenzymes and convert them into molecular energy. 

Our NAD+ Loading Phase Protocols should be completed within 7 days and if possible the infusions can be administered on consecutive days.  The IV infusion itself is administered over a minimum of 2 hours, and is guided by tolerability. The most comfortable drip rate should be documented for future reference, in addition to the client’s blood pressure prior to proceeding. 


250mg +/- supernutrients from £195


- Slows The Aging Process 
- Supports Recovery From Addiction
- Improve Brain Health And Neurological Function 
- Improve Mental Clarity
- Boost Energy Levels 
- Restores Muscle Function And Athletic Performance
- Supports Detoxification


- Those seeking to slow down aging
- Those looking to recover for substance and alcohol abuse

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Delivering pure oxygen at pressure also drives the nutrients in Step 1 and reverses cellular aging


Hacks your body into stimulating its flight or fight response at up to -140c


Perfect for those looking to improve cognitive function; people who want more energy; any who wants to promote a graceful aging process


We recommend Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as one of our principle tools to help ensure your body and cells are resilient and in a good state to handle stresses that handle your way.


Step into the world’s coldest state-of-the-art chamber, and experience an ice-cold mist swirling around you at a maximum of -140°C for up to 3 minutes


NAD+ can help to improve mental clarity and to slow down aging but did you know it can also help to improve muscle repair?HUM2N’s Founder, Dr Enayat and Expert Biohacker, Davinia Taylor discuss all things NAD+, body composition and metabolism.As humans, we’re constantly growing and self repairing, however, as we age, our muscles don’t restore as well. Enter NAD+ therapy


  • How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Work?

    - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) increases the amount of oxygen carried in the blood and enables the oxygen to be dissolved into the hard-to-reach plasma lymph and fluid.

    - HBOT is about providing 100% oxygen from purified air, which you will breath with your body under a safe pressure.

    - HBOT allows oxygen to reach the areas of circulation that was previously diminished.

    - The delivery system used is a hyperbaric chamber, the pressure in the chamber is given steadily to the patients through the ‘normal process of breathing’.

  • What Does Cryotherapy Do For You?

    When you get into the cryochamber it causes your skin to cool. This activates the sympathetic nervous system. As a result, the blood vessels close to the surface of the skin narrow. This causes the blood flow to the peripheries and to injured or inflamed tissues in the body to slow. The decrease in blood flow slows down the metabolic processes in these areas. Hence, inflammation and swelling reduce.

    Cryotherapy reduces cell death after exercise and slows down the speed at which our nerves conduct impulses. This leads to reduced tissue damage and pain sensation.

    The narrowing of the blood vessels caused by cryotherapy leads to an increase in blood flow back to the core of the body. This stimulates a process in the body known as the “baroreflex.” The stimulation of the baroreflex by whole-body cryotherapy activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the part of the nervous system responsible for rest and recovery.

    Cryotherapy also activates the “endogenous opioid system.” This is the system in the body that influences pain perception, sense of wellbeing and reward. This is thought to be the reason why cryotherapy can have a beneficial effect on depression, anxiety and an overall sense of wellbeing.

  • How Does NAD+ Help Slow Ageing?

    Restorative processes depend on NAD+, and shortages can cause problems such as metabolic decline, cognitive issues, and a lowered immune system. An NAD+ infusion helps counteract this, preventing issues before they arise. It also helps protect your neurons against the effects of neurodegenerative diseases.