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HUM2N’s Founder, Dr. Enayat is passionate about supporting high performers and athletes, developing protocols for natural athlete performance enhancement. He has worked closely with boxers, Formula 1 Racing Drivers and athletes - optimising their health, elevating their performance and having the data to prove it.

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Whether you’re looking to run a marathon, compete or measure the effectiveness of your training programme, we stack the latest in performance technologies to assess your performance profile. 

We use PNOĒ metabolic analysis to provide a unique profile of your cardiovascular fitness including lung function, cardiac health, metabolic efficiency, V02max and muscle fibre composition. This is followed by the world’s faster and most powerful dual plate system, ForeceDecks used for analysing neuromuscular strength and imbalance.

You can then work with our clinical exercise physiologists, performance nutritionist and applied sport scientists to build training and diet plans based on your results. 

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Peak Brain is like a gym for your brain helping you overcome cognitive challenges and meet your peak performance goals.  Our training protocols include Quantitative EEG “brain mapping” assessments, neurofeedback training, heart rate variability biofeedback, and mindfulness meditation.  

We offer alternative interventions for: focus, attention, creativity, traumatic stress, mood, sleep, migraines, hyperactivity, rumination, impulsivity, perseveration, seizures, alcohol recovery, test preparation, concussions, and traumatic brain injuries led by Neuroscientist Dr Andrew Hill and his team of EEG experts.

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Our protocols and programmes deliver high-level performance engineering, long term athlete development, access to world-leading experts, and research & innovation.

Our performance coaching method has been tested and proven in one of the most demanding sports environments in the world including boxing, Formula 1 racing driving, body-building, competitive sports and more. 

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At HUM2N, you’ll be supported by your own team of world-class experts – think of us as your Formula 1 human pit stop team, built around you.

We have experts of sports nutrition, strength and conditioning, performance breath coaches, muscular-skeletal and movement specialists supporting you; and highly trained physicians overseeing the application of truly personalised care.

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A medical data driven approach to training , engineering a physical body to withstand time and function stronger for longer



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